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20% Page Load Improvement
20% Desktop Growth
50% Mobile Growth

“The critical benefit of YOTTAA is optimization across all devices. It would be hard for us to continue with responsive web design without YOTTAA.”


Moosejaw, a leading outdoor retailer which was recently acquired by Walmart, was an early adopter of Responsive Web Design (RWD) in order to deliver better online experiences to its shoppers across all devices. Following the launch of its new RWD site, Moosejaw quickly realized that its website was not optimized for mobile devices resulting in unacceptable mobile performance and load times. This was an especially big issue since Moosejaw’s customers are outdoor enthusiasts and constantly on-the-go. The result was a high percentage of Moosejaw’s mobile shoppers bouncing from the site before engaging with any content. And each bounce represented lost sales from shoppers that might never come back to the site.


Moosejaw deployed the YOTTAA Premium, a comprehensive eCommerce acceleration solution, to improve website performance across all devices and increase online conversion rates. “Our ultimate metric is the same as the line of business. It really comes down to conversion. A more performant site improves conversion,” said Michael Moore, Chief Information Officer for Moosejaw. YOTTAA allowed Moosejaw to significantly accelerate website loading and improve shopper experience without any code or configuration changes to the Moosejaw site.

Performance was the main reason we selected YOTTAA. A growing amount of traffic comes from mobile so it is imperative that page loading speeds on mobile and tablet devices are as fast as possible. YOTTAA helped us to significantly speed up performance on these devices resulting in a much better experience for our customers.

Dan Pingri, VP of Marketing, Moosejaw

The YOTTAA platform enabled Moosejaw to dramatically improve page load times and increase conversion rates.

Moosejaw achieved these results despite undergoing a site redesign and upgrading its eCommerce platform at the same time. This was possible because YOTTAA required no code or configuration changes to Moosejaw’s eCommerce platform or its website in order to optimize performance.

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