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Analyze & Control Third Parties

The average eCommerce site today has between 40-60 third-party technologies. While third parties, such as live chat and personalization, significantly enhance shopper experience, they also slow down page load times. YOTTAA enables brands to inventory and optimally sequence the loading of all third parties on your site and benchmark individual third party performance using YOTTAA’s knowledge base of over 1,000 eCommerce technologies.

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Yottaa Analyzes & Controls 3rd Parties

Third Parties Require Many Server Calls

eCommerce sites with 40+ third parties require 300 calls to 100 servers to load a single page making it virtually impossible to hit the 3 second load mark shoppers expect.

Third Parties Make Your Site Stand Out

Leading brands understand that adding many third parties is the only way to meet the online experience today’s demanding shoppers expect.

75% of Page Load Time is Attributed to Third Parties

Third parties are your biggest performance challenge. Since they are external to your infrastructure/platform, they are completely out of your control.

Every Second of Third Party Latency is Costing You 7%

As the biggest factor in slowing down page load times, third parties are losing you conversions (7% per second).

Have Third Parties AND a Fast Site 

eCommerce performance doesn’t have to be a tug of war. YOTTAA enables retailers to deploy all the third-party functionality needed for great shopper experiences while ensuring that sites are lightning fast. YOTTAA allows you to:

  • Identify third parties that are impacting site performance
  • Improve load time of all third-party technologies on your site
  • Detect and remediate performance issues using Anomaly AI

Since we’ve engaged with YOTTAA, we found that we can achieve both fast performance and great conversion that comes with it, and allow for rich content and extending our technology through partnerships and third parties.

Mike Frazzini, CTO, eBags

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Find The Best Acceleration Solution For Your Brand

YOTTAA’s technology optimizes over 1,500 eCommerce sites to significantly improve performance resulting in higher conversion and more engaging shopper experiences.

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