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30% Improvement in Average Page Load Time
15% Conversion Lift Due to Faster Page Loads
3 Seconds
Pages now loading in the 3 second range


For Perry Ellis International, great digital shopper experience is critical for the success of the company’s many online brands and channels. According to Jay Nigrelli, Vice President of eCommerce for Perry Ellis International, “great online experience starts with fast site speed.” Unfortunately, the multitude of 3rd party technologies on the brand’s websites were causing pages to load at 5.5 seconds, which caused increased bounce rates, lower conversions, and sub-optimal shopper experiences.


Following a short trial of YOTTAA, Perry Ellis International was able to receive a lift in conversion rate due to its site being much faster. Through YOTTAA, Perry Ellis was able to improve its average site speed by 30%, decreasing site load time from 5.5 seconds to 3.5 seconds on average from 5.5 seconds. This resulted in a 15% increase in conversion. Following the trial, Perry Ellis International deployed YOTTAA across all of its sites and now all of the company’s digital channels are much more productive.

After a short proof of concept with YOTTAA, we saw our average site speed improve by over 30%. We also saw a strong correlation between faster site speed and higher conversions.

Jay Nigrelli, Vice President of eCommerce, Perry Ellis International
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