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2020 3rd Party Preview

2020 eCommerce Third-Party Technology Index


For the third-year in a row, YOTTAA has measured the performance and usage of individual third-parties across the 1,500 eCommerce Sites that YOTTAA optimizes.

In this year’s index, we analyzed and ranked 500 third-parties (more than ever before!). But third-party performance impact no longer stops at the Performance Impact Ratings we have used in past indexes. As a response to drastic shifts in the eCommerce landscape, the 2020 index includes new data that addresses third-party complexity, location, and how they enhance the digital shopping experience.

The index includes:

  • Top 20 third-parties used by retailers
  • Year-over-year updates
  • Top usage updates
  • 2020 top offenders
  • NEW performance data on top third-parties
  • NEW analysis of third-parties on checkout
  • And more!

Remember, with YOTTAA, you can add any third-party to your site, regardless of their Performance Impact Rating (PIR) ranking, and still achieve exceptionally fast performance.