I had won the consistent efforts award at school, and also the best student in a few subjects. To say that I was elated – would still not be doing justice to what I was feeling. It was not every day that such accolades came my way as I was quite the brat in class. Somehow the God of Academics had blessed me. I bounded up the staircase, flung my bag in the air and shared the news with my mother. She had tears in her eyes and told me to immediately inform papa. I called him and could sense the celebration in his voice. He asked me, “So when is the prize distribuition?” I stated the date. Suddenly I felt all the energy whooshing out. He explained, it was the very day he was leaving for America and would not be able to attend.

My young ten year old mind could not comprehend his words. But I remember feeling very very sad and angry. I decided to not speak to him when he got back from work that day. I decided to not share anything else with him. I decided a lot many things.
That night dad entered home with a big chocolate cake with my pet name written on it. He tried to coax me to eat it and speak to him but I did not budge. How could he miss my award ceremony? How could he not watch me go up the stage and receive that medal and certificate. America could wait. I wrote a note to him which said, I know you don’t love me. You only love your work.
At night he came into my room and sat beside my bed. He tousled my hair and started speaking to me in his soft, soothing voice that I so love. He said something that I have never forgotten. He said, “I love you more than my own life. But sometimes I cannot show it to you in the way you want it. If I could do anything to change the plan, I would have but this time unfortunately I can not. Me not being there to clap for you does not mean I love you any lesser. I just have different ways to express it. And I know, in the heart of your heart you know how much papa loves you.”
I hugged him. The fact was, I did know. And I still know it. That day I realized that the way each person shows me they love me need not be the same. It need not also be the way I expect it to. However, as long as I was sure there was love, it was all okay.
Wishing you a very Happy Father’s Day papa and want to let you know, no matter what I do in life, or where I reach – I will always be your little girl.
My father’s name is Amit Shobhavat. He is a doctor. My father loves cricket and he likes football. My father is not just a father he is a friend to my family and me.
Everybody says that I look like my father. I don’t know why it makes me very happy. I want to look like him.
Did you know he taught me how to play cricket and now I am a champ. He even taught me how to cycle.
I wish I could see the future and the past so I could see what is in store for us. If my father was very very very rich we could buy a Jaguar car and I could go with him to far away picnics. That will be adventurous!
I have learnt from my dad that we should help those who are in need and we should not get angry.
I am lucky to have a dad like him. I hope some day I make him feel lucky to have a son like me.