…To enjoy the rains. I realized this recently. Whether you are a mother, a teacher, or just a little one – you are never too old to enjoy the rains. So often in trying to be “age appropriate” we start believing, “Hmmm – this is for youngsters, this is not for me!” Even though we love getting wet in the rains, something holds us back from enjoying it to the fullest. We start feeling, too old, too cool, too mature for something as simple as making the most of the rains. And what a loss that is!
… To jump into a puddle. Puddles are such novel, tempting creatures. Unless you have jumped into one, you will never know the senile joy of doing so. Such a simple act, but somehow it frees the mind and the heart. It also lets you know that once in a meanwhile, it is okay to get your feet dirty – it is okay to feel one with Mother Earth and not bother about anything else.
… To have a corn on cob while it rains. Aha, the simple pleasure of having something hot when it is cold is inexplicable. There is no rationale as to why it is so much more enjoyable in the rainy season, than any other. However, if you have dug your teeth into a nicely cooked one, with a dash of lemon and a bit of spice you know corn on cob during the rains is an unmissable experience.
… To wish upon a rainbow. As we start growing up, we start becoming a little cynical. Knowing that there is no tooth fairy and Santa Clause is a jolly round fictional character can be tough news. However, while growing up something I realized was that one of the most beautiful aspects of childhood is belief in magic. You need not summer pixies and elves, but the simple magic called life. The right amount of sunlight and rain, can create one wonder like this called rainbow. And it will do us all good to forget for those moments the Scientific aspect of how a rainbow is formed and simple sit by our windows and enjoy the colours.
You are never too old… for this beautiful, beautiful season. So please, no matter who you are, which grade you are in, how much you have on your plate do make the most of it. Before we know it, it will be gone. Happy Monsoons!
Pitter Patter In the Monsoons, due to rain, small puddles are formed in which I like to jump and splash the water on others. After rains, it is cool and there is a lot of greenery around. I get to see many peacocks and their beautiful dances whenever I visit my grandparents in Baroda and also during the Monsoon, sometimes we get to see a rainbow in the sky. The union of the colours in the rainbow signify the epitome of colourful beauty.
While going to school daily, I go through the potholes on the road which gives me a stomach ache while travelling. This is the worst part of the Monsoon season and how I wish the government would listen to the plea of this nine year old and make better roads for us.
In the Monsoons, I like eating sizzling barbecue and roasted corn near my house (on the sea face). I love going to the sea face and see the water raise its height and crash into the bed of rocks and splash the sea face. Every Monsoon season, I get to buy new raincoats, umbrellas and rain boots and I also fill water in the umbrella by making it upside down and then turn it and all the water pours down on me.
The Monsoon season gives me a lot of happiness, joy, enjoyment and serenity. I love Monsoons and even the potholes can not dampen my spirits.



Raieka Dhar